About Thorne Property Management Ltd. London, Ontario


The History of  Thorne Property Management Ltd.

About Thorne Property Management Ltd. London, Ontario

Thorne Property Management Ltd. grew out of a need for condominium property management when condominiums were first built in London and area in the 1970's.

The company originally handled real estate transactions, rentals and condominium management but made a decision to focus solely on the management of condominium corporations in the 1990's.

Now, many years later, Thorne Property Management Ltd. and its staff members make their home away from home at its present location at King and William, has 16 staff members all working towards the good of making condominium living that much easier for those who volunteer as board members and those who have chosen condominium as their preferred lifestyle, always attending to the best interests of the owners and the property.

Thorne Property Management Ltd. Today...

Thorne Property Management Ltd. provides management services for a range of townhouse and apartment style condominium properties and enjoys the opportunity to interact with elected board members and owners on issues of common interest involving the physical, financial and administrative work of the property. We accept such appointments and manage the corporations in a faithful, diligent and honest manner.

Our aim is to support the Board; to carry out the day to day management requirements of the corporation under the supervision and direction of the Board of Directors and in a timely fashion; and to provide independent contractors who are knowledgeable in the special needs of corporations and who are reasonably priced, and insured.

We strive to maintain an open system of communication; books and records are open to the scrutiny of all owners at all times, minutes are produced directly following meetings and any work from the meeting organized immediately. Newsletters are prepared as required, and board and owner concerns addressed promptly.

We've had extensive experience working with corporations as they age and go through planned renovations.

We have a customized work order system to track your maintenance and to ensure that work is completed promptly.

Thorne is an avid supporter of education and as such, staff and directors of condominium corporations are encouraged to take advantage of all condominium educational offerings. Thorne and its staff are members of the London & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). Susan Size sits on the CCI Board of Directors; have presented at the Annual 2-day Condominium Course; provide presentations at CCI Seminars; and write articles for the CCI Review.

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